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        公司簡介 | About

        Introduction to Our Company
        Established on March 21 2008 with registered capital of two million RMB and located at D1-5 South District of Chengwanglidu No.1 Xiangsi Lake East Road Nanning Guangxi, Nanning Xihuang Instrument Co., Ltd specializes in the sales of instruments and consumables of laboratories as well as medical apparatus (awarded with Medical Apparatus License), covering such areas as life science, marine monitoring, environment monitoring, chemistry, chemical industry, food detection, medicine science, pharmacy. Currently we mainly target at universities, institutes, medicine inspection, agriculture system, inspection and quarantine system, and other institutions and enterprises. We provide our customers with comprehensive and accurate schemes: besides detailed reply to customers’ before sales inquiries, we also offer complete installation and debugging, training for instrument application, and excellent after sales service.
        Taking “Honesty and harmony produce mutual benefits” as our culture and philosophy, we have developed stable cooperation with excellent manufacturers at home and abroad, especially the cooperation involved with imported instruments. We have accumulated abundant experience in importing and exporting business since we acquired a franchise for importing and exporting in 2008.  The business of laboratory qualification, accreditation and advisory was added in our company in 2013. With a leading technical director and advisory experts, we have helped more than one hundred enterprises and intuitions accomplish laboratory qualification, accreditation and advisory, winning their immense praise. Our quality management and technical staff and terrific technical service system contribute to first-class instruments and service for our customers. We ask specialized manufacturers to conduct regular training for our technical engineers so as to solve customers’ problems concerned with specialized instruments, so that we win the general approval of customers in fiercely competitive market.


        版權所有:南寧市析煌儀器有限公司 地址:廣西南寧市西鄉塘區相思湖東路1號騁望驪都南區D1-5
        電話:0771-3830277 傳真:0771-3829022  E-mail:425733811@qq.com
        客服在線: 析煌儀器小楊 析煌儀器lily
        桂ICP備08102549號 技術支持:川速網絡